Voter Education

Voter education classes to help you cast your ballot in 2020.

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Voting may seem complicated but we're here to help. These videos will help answer some of your biggest questions, and we've included links with notes, resources, and organizations to follow. We can do this!

How To Read A Ballot

Kat Calvin of Spread The Vote and Taylor Raymond of Ballot Ready tell you what's on your ballot, how to read it, and how to use this fall.

How To Vote By Mail

Kat Calvin of Spread The Vote and Amber McReynolds of Vote At Home tell you how to vote by mail and make sure your ballot counts.

How To Vote With A Disability

Kat Calvin of Spread The Vote, Rebecca Cokley of the Center for American Progress, and Maria Town of the American Association of People with Disabilities talk about the challenges at the polls for people with disabilities and how to overcome them.

How to Vote as a Returning Citizen

Kat Calvin of Spread The Vote and Blair Bowie of the Campaign Legal Center tell you what the rules are for returning citizens, the best tool to find out if you are eligible, and how to make a voting plan.

How To Vote Safely

Kat Calvin of Spread The Vote and Ivelyse Andino of Radical Health walk you through how to vote safely, physically, mentally, and emotionally during and after the election.

The joy of ballot parties

Ballot parties are a great way to get your friends and family together and make sure that everyone is ready to vote! Watch Spread The Vote, Ballot Ready, and Vote Captain teach you how to host your own virtual ballot party, and make use of the resources below!


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